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Hiring an employee may seem like a simple job that anyone can do: Post a job opening, interview a candidate, and then hire them, right? Wrong!

There are so many factors that need to be considered when hiring an employee.

Is the job specification in line with what the organisation wants? Where do these candidates exist? Is the candidate qualified? Will the candidate fit in within the culture?

Hiring the right people is both a time consuming and specific task; and this is why companies partner with us to help build out their teams! Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, interviewing, and selecting the right candidates for a given position in an organization.

What is recruitment?

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Consultant
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Problem solvers
  • Solution providers

Why recruitment?


Recruitment is a people business. You have a direct impact on someone’s job satisfaction, career development, happiness, and the positive financial implications a new career opportunity can bring. It is incredibly rewarding to know that you can make a difference to someone’s life, and those around them. Furthermore, by effectively placing candidates, you are positively impacting the future of a company’s growth.


Say goodbye to the mind-numbing daily routine. From interviewing to sorting through job offers, recruiters never get bored. There will always be new or exciting moments in your workday. As a recruiter, you will use various tactics to fill each open role. Each client and candidate have unique needs, and the experience you’ll have working with each person will be different every time. 

High Earning Potential 

Recruitment is an extremely lucrative career. While most jobs will pay you the same measly paycheck no matter how much you do for the company, your compensation as a recruiter is tied directly to your results. The more work you put in and the more candidates you place, the more money you make. Your income is virtually unlimited. 

Why Jarvis?

Our offer is disrupting the recruitment industry. We want you to change the way the world recruits, and get the right people, in the right seats, at the right time to achieve greatness.

Many employers talk the talk about investing into you; they talk about perks; they talk about how you can achieve greatness. But how many deliver?

We are true to our word. Jarvis is an employee centric business, who hire, train, motivate, promote, and retain our people to achieve greatness. During your journey at Jarvis, you will get:

  • Three months of in-depth training, with a dedicated Performance coach followed by ongoing support for all levels of talent partners.
  • A leadership team that supports you and offers advice and encouragement rather than reprimands and unconstructive criticism.
  • Once you have joined Jarvis, you will be assigned a manager to be on a call for any additional needs.
  • A culture built on strong values and focused on quality of service, customer experience, and focused on outcomes, rather than KPI activities.
  • A competitive base salary above the industry average, with an excellent commission structure.
  • At Jarvis, we believe that the best people to lead our business should come from the Jarvis family that’s why we look to actively promote within our company. We base this on merit so it’s always the right person in the right seat and not just somebody’s favorite!
  • You will become part of something bigger,  you will change the way the world recruits!
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How our employees see the Jarvis difference

Jarvis Cole provides a work environment that allows me to be my true authentic self and get support in all aspects of personal development. We learn together, we challenge each other, and we celebrate together. The flat organizational structure allows me to have personal time with our leadership team where I can ask for advice or share creative ideas. I’m thankful to also have the opportunity to be the founder of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Prince MenckebergAssociate Director

One thing that I’ve always wanted within my HR career is to create a dedicated and enjoyable work environment. It’s difficult to develop a positive work atmosphere when a company’s sole focus is solely profit and growth, leading employees to feel more like robots than humans. The difference with Jarvis, is that they make their employee’s happiness a top priority in order to strive as a company. You won’t find many companies that make it their duty to ensure that everyone no matter their age, race, or title is working in an inclusive and cultivating environment.

Melissa WilliamsPeople Operations Manager

Jarvis is a supportive, forward-thinking, and vibrant environment, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge across different countries within a short time. Jarvis provide me the freedom to enjoy my passion, and achieve my goals. The Jarvis leadership team consistently delivers, demonstrates excellence, and will in my eyes, one day be considered one of the greatest leadership groups of all time. They truly are disrupting the industry! Jarvis has a diverse, inclusive, and engaged culture, where everyone’s value is recognised and celebrated. You're unlikely to come across any better employer than Jarvis!

Shihan FernandoGroup Finance Director

Jarvis gave me the opportunity to advance my career as an artist and grow as an individual — being able to have the freedom to design and use my creativity allowed me to gain confidence in my work and learn more about myself. With the role that I have, I am grateful that through Jarvis, I get to experience working alongside talented people and connect with different departments.

Ricaella GallardoHead of Design

From Day 1 I knew I made the right choice to join Jarvis. I've been positively encouraged to share my ideas, in a very forward-thinking and collaborative environment.

Jarvis are disrupting the industry by challenging the ways things are done, through first class people development and the use of the latest technologies.

Jarvis welcome, recognise and encourage people from all backgrounds to join them and with an inclusive and diverse Leadership Team, they are changing the way Recruitment is done.

Marc WallaceSenior IT Director

Working for Jarvis has provided me resources I never thought were possible. I am currently building out our Headless division here at Jarvis and seeing the level of support and freedom to grow within my career is utterly inspiring. Getting to understand the technologies on an interpersonal level, as well as build relationships with our clients and candidates that would last years, is something that drives me forward day-in and day-out. I highly recommend the Jarvis experience.

Matt MossHeadless Commerce Talent Partner

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