Working for Jarvis FAQ’s

How much will I earn?

For our USA based Talent Partners  

Base starting salary : $40,000 

Commission :
– 1st year $10,000 – $30,000
– 2nd year $50,000+  

Total earnings :
– Year 1 – $50,000 – $70,000
– Year 2 – $90,000 – $150,000+ 

When will I start earning commission?

You should expect to start earning commission around 6 months from when you start, some people will start earning sooner some a little later.

Will my base salary change?

Yes, we have a structured career development path based on performance.  Your base salary will increase with each promotion. 

Do you offer benefits or other perks?

We do!  We offer healthcare, dental, and vision.  We have sick days, vacation days, volunteer days, and mental health days.  Outside of this we offer many perks including:

  • Domestic & International vacation trips
  • Presidents club
  • Many lunch and dinner incentives
  • Leadership summits
  • Office and team events
  • Paid 4-week sabbatical + $10k bonus for 10 years of service >
  • Intercompany office swaps
  • Global relocation opportunities (we have offices in UK, USA, Europe, and Asia)

As this is a Trainee position, what training do I receive?

You are enrolled into the Jarvis Training Academy on your start date, the first 12 weeks are very structured and broken down into daily and weekly training sessions. We do a blend of classroom and on the job training.

After the initial 12-week training program do I receive further training?

Yes, we invest heavily into the training and development of our team members.  You remain in the Jarvis Training Academy for your career with Jarvis, the sessions become less frequent when you move out of the 12-week induction as we move away from teaching the basics to more mastering the skills.  When you are ready to move into a leadership role you graduate into the Jarvis Leadership Academy.

What is the role of a Talent Partner?

As a Talent Partner your role is to work with existing clients (hiring organizations) alongside identifying new clients and selling our recruitment service offering to them. Once you have identified an organization and they have agreed to partner with Jarvis to help them hire key staff you will meet, usually virtually, with them to understand the role they are looking to hire and understand the skills, qualities, and experience they need in a successful candidate. Once you have a clear understanding of what they are looking for you then commence a search for the ideal candidate, submitting profiles to the client and managing the interview, offer, hiring, and onboarding process.

Sounds simple, right! It is… But to complete your goal of placing the right candidate you need to master many skills; you need to be a Salesperson, Marketer, Interviewer, Business Consultant, Networker, Project Manager, Investigator, Account Manager, Relationship Builder, Problem Solver.

As you can tell there is never a dull day in Recruitment! The majority of your work will be completed in the office via phone or video meetings; however, we do meet clients and candidates, attend networking events, dinners, lunches, and industry conferences.

You have mentioned career development, how does that work?

Jarvis is a meritocratic organization meaning we promote our team members based purely on their performance and results. We have structured career development path where you are always aware of what you need to achieve you next promotion and we offer different career paths for those interested moving into leadership roles or those that would like to stay in more of an individual contributor role.

The website mentions Jarvis is an organically grown company, what does this mean?

Jarvis is proudly an employee centric organization, our business model is simple; We hire the best people, we train them, motivate them, promote them, and retain them. Our trainees are hired either straight out of school or with a few years business experience, we then train them to do the job and promote them into management and leadership roles. We don’t hire external leadership, meaning our leadership comes from the trainees that we hire.

What does employee centric mean?

It’s all about the people! When our founder Kevin Jarvis started Jarvis Recruitment Group, he had one very important goal; To create an employee centric organization. We put our employees 1st, our customers 2nd, and our shareholders 3rd, this has helped us in creating a phenomenal business with a great culture. We have a great team that respects, trusts, challenges, and empowers each other to do great things.

We have discovered happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders!

What does a typical Jarvis Trainee hire look like?

We pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusiveness, our team is made up of many different people from many different backgrounds; we have successful Talent Partners that joined us straight from school with no experience in business, we have others that worked as servers in restaurants, we have MBA grads, we have law students, we have people that never went to university, we have people who were in sales-based roles prior to joining such as door to door, or tech sales.

What all our employees have in common is that they are ambitious and share our values and culture.

What are the Jarvis values?

Jarvis is a purpose driven business with a clear mission that is supported by our core values and held together by our strong culture.

To change the way the world recruits

Mission: To help organizations achieve greatness by placing the right people, in the right seats, at the right time

Our business values are:

  • Respect our people
  • Respect our customers
  • Love what you do
  • Be selfless
  • Be bold
  • Nurture
  • Embrace Diversity

What is the culture like at Jarvis?

Jarvis culture is built on:

  • You – Loyalty defined process / transparency / home grown talent
  • Driven – Endless opportunity / empowered / ownership of your own success / passionate about what we do / urgency
  • Inclusive – be authentic / space for all / friendly
  • Respect – Supportive / nurture / Trust / clear communication
  • FUN!!

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