Jasper Douglas

Life as a Talent Partner.

Why did you join Jarvis?
When I found Jarvis, I loved that I would be able to utilize my passion for connecting with professionals and clients in a professional setting while further developing my business and leadership skills with an elite team that’s hungry for success like me! 

Why have you continued your career within Jarvis?
I continued my career with Jarvis because I truly fell in love with the company. At Jarvis, the people make our excellent company culture. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals who care about you and your development. I continue to enjoy my career with Jarvis as I am experiencing the personal growth I have been craving since graduating from college!

How does your career path compare before and after joining Jarvis?
Before Jarvis, my career path felt very monotonous. I was in sports sales for two different teams, called possible buyers for tickets to basketball and baseball, with no definitive path or what the “next step” would look like. When I joined Jarvis, my career path was outlined for me almost immediately, as well as the success I could achieve and the goals I want and need to strive for!

How has Jarvis aided your personal and professional growth?
My personal and professional growth has improved in more ways than one! Every day, I’m trained in new skills from the higher-ups around me on how to perfect my craft and hone my abilities and use them to further my business acumen. I learned how to truly get in the mind of a business professional, communicate efficiently and effectively, as well as tender continued business — in and out of the office!

What does a day in the life of an employee within your role look like?
I love coming into the office every day! As a Talent Partner, I have the opportunity to aid the newer Associate Talent Partners around me. So, they understand the methodology, tools, and tactics necessary to make progress and experience the success that I have while building on my leadership skills. Being a natural team player, I love coming into the office and celebrating my wins as well as the wins my department and the entire office experience every day!

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