Urszula Kozlowski

Life as a Talent Partner.

Why did you join Jarvis?
I joined Jarvis because I wanted to find a new career path. I have been in hospitality my entire career, working in restaurants and only sought-after hospitality opportunities because that is all I have ever known. Once the pandemic arose, I knew that restaurants were no longer going to be a stable career path for me. I came across Jarvis Cole and the one thing that stood out to me was their training program. A training program designed to teach me the knowledge and skills required for this new career.

Why have you continued your career within Jarvis?
I have continued to stay at Jarvis because I am still learning and perfecting my craft as a Talent Partner. I like the idea of helping people. I love the culture that Jarvis promotes within, and I can speak to anyone in the business for help or advice. We are a fun and active group of talented people with great personalities. I enjoy learning different industries and working with different sectors of eCommerce that I didn’t know existed.

How does your career path compare before and after joining Jarvis?
Before Jarvis i was living the same routine and I personally didn’t know how I was going to further align my future with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After joining Jarvis, I now have a plan to achieve my goals and the steps in place to do so.

How has Jarvis aided your personal and professional growth?
I really thrive when challenges present themselves, being able to get better at facing those challenges and objections daily have really given me a more driven vision for success. I am continuously learning new ways to find growth and expand my business. I am a trusted Talent Partner to clients and candidates, and I pride myself with the relationships I have created along the way.

What does a day in the life of an employee within your role look like?
As a Talent Partner, we are relationship focused with candidates and clients. We ask questions and take a step back to truly understand why someone is looking for a new job or when a client is in need for talent. I connect with people everyday and I am a solution specialist. I come up with creative ways to solve complex problems simply.

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