John Mclaughlin

Meet Your Senior Performance Coach

Who are you and what’s your role?
Hi, I’m John, and I am the Senior Sales Performance Coach at Jarvis

My role primarily is to lead our team of Performance Coaches to not only onboard, train, and coach our Talent Partners but to create an atmosphere in Jarvis that allows people to grow both personally and professionally. Having worked for other recruitment companies in the past I saw firsthand how the people were never the focus just their results and when I was asked to design the training program for Jarvis, I knew we had to make sure we were different from the traditional recruitment companies who only care about results and make our people our priority.

How we are different:
It’s not just a company slogan. We are different by design. When I joined Jarvis we had the opportunity to reevaluate how we train our People we wouldn’t be doing the same copy and paste approach to training that too many companies base their training on, we are there to support our people from day one, coaching isn’t locked behind a tenure wall if you need it, you have it, training isn’t 2 gruelling days every 4 weeks but a continuous structured course that gives people the time they need to learn, the time to develop new skills and the time to learn the knowledge they need to thrive.

How would you describe Jarvis?
I have said it from my first day that Jarvis just feels different, we have created a company that feels like a family, a company with our people at the heart of it. We want the people we have today to lead this company into the future that’s why we focus on promoting from within, with the people who want to be leaders given the support they need to achieve this but always making sure it’s the people who merit it that are given the opportunities, unlike other companies where it’s who you know not what you know that matters.

How do you and your team support?
My team support the business globally with the team primarily based in Glasgow, Scotland we facilitate across time zones and continents as we are a global resource we are available at any time for our Talent Partners no matter where they are, the Performance Coaches at Jarvis are responsible for the ongoing development of our Talent Partners across all levels of the business so if you’re new to the business or have been here from the start you have the support available to you whenever and where ever you need it.

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